How Bet365 Cash-Out Works & Why You Shouldn't Use It (Including Partial Cash-Out)

Important explanation about Bet365 cash out, how it works and why you should think twice before using it. The same applies to all sportsbook sites. Check it out…

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0:18 Question about Bet365 cash out
1:00 How a sportsbook makes money
1:23 How cash out works on Bet365 and other betting operators
2:33 The difference between an exchange and sportsbook
3:01 Comparison between cash out options
3:35 Why you shouldn’t use cash out on a sportsbook

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This video is for informational purposes and is not financial advice.

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This video explains Bet365 cash out and partial cash out options and the differences.

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  1. Is there a bet choice 50/50 percentage to win for example: (who will win in football match Barcelona or real madrid, if i bet on bacelona, but Real Madrid wins i will lose my money, if barcelona wins i will double my money.)

  2. I just bet on bet365 and my bet came up. Not seeing much action on them paying out. I guess they will be looking at loopholes and shit to not pay out. Scummy behaviour imo!

  3. I would never use Bet365!!!!! They legit have technical issues every other day. I had an 80$ bet that I wanted to cash out of early but there technical issues made it so that my bets disappeared. So I contacted them and was upset cuz I lost a few hundred dollars. They said sorry…I told them that wasn't good enough I had just lost money cuz they were having technical difficulties…this was not my fault!!! I told them I want my money back so I can go to another site that doesn't keep taking my money because of technical issues on there part. They basically said all we can say is sorry and that I'm shit out of luck. I think the business should take the loss not the customer. After complaining numerous times they actually blocked my file. I had money on my file so I then had to provide my banking info to them in order to get my money back. I legit feel like I was robbed by Bet365. I can see them having technical difficulties here and there but legit it happens every other day and they don't take any fault for it… therefore us customers are basically left with the loss. I don't know how this makes any sense. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS SITE EVER!!!!!!

  4. Very often you will see in accas that you have 5 selection and even tough, you already won 1 selection , the offer is barely close to your stake .

  5. So you chose to loose your bet instead to f cash out.. Look taking partial cash out may be means ur paying double commission like you said. But if I placed a bet whatever odds and it's giving me double my money or whatever profit I think is fair for a single bet then cashing out is fine. Games are unpredictable. What if a last minute penalty against your team and you lose it all

  6. Bet365 block my account on the uefa final you can bet but you can not check your bets and cash out,because they delete this option!BET365=MAFIA!

  7. Skin often turns out this way unless its glow bananas and gentlemen's earlobe relish..smarty Evan's took on a really restless Egyptian cassoulet queen ranting and scanning about Gemini horblowers glass teaching methods but nothing has thanked the chutney chutzpah..Ding dong

  8. I cash out all the time with Bet365, it’s often better value when the bet has already won but not been settled. So if a bet was due to pay out £9.50 if it won, it wins but hasn’t been settled, the cash out is sometimes £9.51. Those pennies add up.

    This video is about cashing out before the event. Perhaps it could be clearer.

  9. My view is that bookmakers are businesses. If they offer to buy back your bet, and you don't like the offer, reject it.
    I'm a lifelong gambler, I know bookmakers try to get what they can, and so they should.
    Punters whinge like nobody else.

  10. Bet365 is a fraud one race in America the horse wasn’t on the race card so there is no way you could of bet on it, and it won the race was race 4 at fingerlake on this date

  11. Hi. Great tip. Yeah we're always stuck that's why we need to cash out and take whatever we're given.
    Maybe ask which software you use for your video? Thanks mate

  12. Sick of telling people – cash out was invented by bookmakers to a) pray on the vulnerable and b) increase their profits. Some people will never learn!!

  13. i live in albania and i have about 4-5 months im trying to withdraw 400-500$ .i changed 3 bank accounts coz they dont send me the money on my credit card but only with wire transfer .i complete all details perfectly ok and i wait 10-15 days to recieve my money and the credit returns again in my bet account.the live chat is very poor service.same seeing some reviews on trustpilot and all are telling the bet wont let withdraw.please guys any one experienced this problem ?

  14. On occasion I have been stuck with a bet I need to cash out on a sportsbook. I feel that you know this, but on those occasions i went to an exchange site and deposited the liability to cover the lay I needed ( used a hedging calculator to work out the amount of lay and the liability), and got the correct amount of money back for those bets.

  15. I understand the video and everyone should be made aware of this, but I thought this was common knowledge.. Betting companies are a business after all

  16. who in their right mind,places a single bet to cash out before the off? the cash out is surely for multiple bets were a few have already won. i always place the same bet twice,one for cashout and the other to let ride.ive done it for years with 365 and often wonder how they keep my account open.i used to get 4 or 5 bets on hugh taylors selections(i was quick) and make huge profits from 365 without a run.cant do it nowadays though!

  17. Bet Builder is just as bad. In one game I looked at odds of over 0.5 goals, was 1/25, went into bet builder and did over 0.5 goals AND over 4.5 match corners. They offered me 1/40!! How can it be lower odds by adding more options?!

  18. Hi Caan, have looked for answers but struggling on this one, from a punting perspective what is better value on a large field handicap, you always get 365 paying 1/4 at 4 places and sky/pp/hill paying 6/7 places at 1/5 any idea how this works with overound and getting the best value? Cheers, Tom.

  19. They've blocked me for life but what I found weird is after doing that is they took 800 euros on the new account start up using the same card and then blocked the account. I rang them and in fairness, they gave it back. William hill in the exact same circumstance kept 200. I wasn't sure I had placed a self exclusion so I asked a fellow callled Graham from Scotland and he said, no you're fine. No problem at all work away. Magically that chat disappeared when they blocked me and I didn't screenshot it.

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