My Betfair Trading Set Up for Football 2021

In this video you will find what how I set up when I am football trading on Betfair. Your trading set up isn’t going to magically make you a profitable Betfair trader, however when you set up in an optimal manner you will have a significant speed advantage over other exchange users freeing you up to concentrate on your decisions only.

If you like the Bet Angel settings that I use in this video, you can download them from Patreon, as well as getting exclusive trading content:

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  1. Bro please explain to me which trading software is best for cricket Or tennis🎾 Bet Angel and geeks toy🙏 please tell me
    For Market load purpose

  2. Great video keep up the good work – just wondering do you use “insurance” when laying the draw or backing under 2.5 goals? And if so what kind of method do you use. Thanks 🙏

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