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  1. My account has been suspended after more than 10 years just because I ve requested a bounus after some small loses. It s strange because I dinn t autoexcluded as they say in mail. How is this possible, just like this. I m really a responsible player. Can you please tell me if there is a way not to wait like a year of suspendation?

  2. Why doesn't Betfair mention the permanent self-exclusion means 'cancellation for life'…it looks dumb to say that but in people's mind, a permanent work contract doesn't make it last 'for life' either.

  3. Hi Caan, I have been dabbling with trading with small stakes and betting for a number of years. Could you point my nose to one of your videos where I can pick up a simple system to understand, so I can make it pay unlike for the last 20 years? I messaged you before but I can't remember on which of your videos I should look for the answer.

  4. This happened to me on the grounds i would leave my account open for lo g periods without placing any bets. Never thought anything of it if trith be told, jyst wasnt arsed clising and opening the thing back up. They didnt like it but after a bit of persuading they relented. Im a bit morecareful now.

  5. My account was suspended or blocked, now totally blocked following a legitimate small bet I placed whilst on holiday in the Philippines, this bet actually lost, but on returning they blocked my account and even today in Customer Services live chat they wouldn't say why they closed it, I've never done wrong of any you listed, they will not allow me to reopen it or open a new account for life

  6. if i had a shotgun i would happily blow the heads of every man and woman who works in betfair 👌 and paddy can get it too

  7. My account suspended 9000 Usd in my account ,almost one year I used now they re not letting me to make withdrawal.. How do I get back my money

  8. "Use of exchange data without placing a bet" – presumably the HS books are excluded from suspension, they continually use the BFEX to identify arbers

  9. Okay I need some help I’ve made a withdrawal and now my account has been suspended what’ll happen to my withdrawal money?

  10. My betfair account was closed and staff on the phone told me that they sent me an email about how to provide source of wealth documentation. I told them two times that I didn't receive their email and that it wasnt in my spam folder.

  11. My betfair account was closed today with no email or anything. I spoke via chat with someone and got this:
    It seems that your account has been closed on business grounds as you no longer meet our risk criteria, this means that the company has decided to keep your account closed unfortunately. This is a definite closure and cannot be re considered or appealed, If you try opening another account, it will automatically be closed.

    For now I got no information, no reason why that happened. My account is since 2017, I'm paying Premium Charges all the time. I think I will write to IBAS because of that.

  12. Today i made my new account gave document to varify then why suspended word shown its already in process i guess

  13. hi caan, what if many accounts follow the same tipster and so place the same bets? it seems betfair could decide something else is goung on here and close accounts ?

  14. Mine has been closed. They did not give me a reason and basically said it was a business decision. No contact from them since December. I am baffled. I do use practice on geekstoy sometimes so I am wondering if it was anything to do with that.

  15. was unable to access my account because I couldn't remember what e mail address I used originally was turned in circles for three days and told my account was available … it wasn't. I have all the documentation at hand credit card, social security, pin number etc, everything. Service is abominable

  16. Hey bruh recently i had opened my betfair account so in few minutes after opening my account it’s suspended they are saying that it will verify in some days and i had already deposited 1000 pounds so my question was if my account can’t verify i will get my deposit back quickly?

  17. Hi guys. My Betfair acc was banned for no reason. Kept my money for 20+ days locked. Started the process with IBAS and after 20+ days they unlocked my acc and said that its problem solved. Now I am planning to sue them for this. Ofc explained them that this is illegal. If you want to take look at the case feel free to contact me. I already contacted media with this and they are glad to have a word with me.

  18. Have you noticed a difference in the exchange since Paddy Power bought Betfair?? P.S I know many people whose paddy power account has been closed & then betfair closed just because of the paddy power connection that cannot be right

  19. Can you delete you account if it’s suspended? I’ve put in wrong information about myself therefore I can’t verify with my ID. What should I do?

  20. But you can get your sportsbook closed for winning which in turn also closes your exchange account because it’s the same account.

  21. I had this problem with Betfair in the run up to the 2020 US Election with over £44k on my account in live bets they simply closed my account , no email to warning no communication whatsoever!!
    I managed to get it open again after using resolver to get a deadlock letter I went to IBAS and they stepped in and got a turn around within a week but it took over 6 weeks to sort it and my daughter is still in the same position more than two months later.
    Betfair have a good customer service team who respond when you message them on Twitter r Facebook but the issue is with their investigation team, verification Teams that appear to be based in Malta, You can't phone them or email them direct you have to email their escalations teams and even that feels like coming up against a deaf ear. They keep coming back saying its being investigated or with the verification team.
    What they have to do according to law is do checks on you to verify your funds and ID so that you are not money laundering.
    The best thing to do is go onto Twitter, give them down the banks and they will ask you to private message them,
    Then ask them what the issue is and send to them the ID and admin they want such as proof and origin of funds. Copy everything keep a journal or log.
    Set up a complaint on resolver and when resolver comes back in a few weeks always escalate even if you have had back from Betfair some contact , don't be fooled thinking its getting dealt with and look for that deadlock letter because IBAS will not touch your complaint unless you have the deadlock letter.
    I threatened Betfair with litigation etc and as I said only with IBAS help did I get to the bottom of it and got my account open my daughter is waiting for a deadlock letter still!!
    Betfair admin beyond their initial customer service is crap!! They don't seem to give a shit so you do need to get that deadlock letter for IBAS who are good and get a response from Betfair because they have to deal with IBAS.
    I would advise anyone with a Betfair account to upload your verification information for proof of ID , funds etc in advance which you can do on your account details and it will show you when it has been uploaded successfully because there are some jpegs files etc they can't read.
    I also sent to them in the post my recorded delivery as I did with IBAS all the information for verification and ID they wanted just to rub it in and evidenced everything including video of myself walking into the post office with the envelope after recording myself and my forms going into my envelope to be able to show if needed in the future if they denied anything, He who copies wins. Cope everything , all correspondance.
    I emailed the CEO Peter Jackson , hounded him on twitter. Bet fair responded quickly when I emailed him too!!

  22. My Betfair sportsbook account got restricted today. Can’t even bet a penny. I’m in the process of requesting all my SAR data to see what they hold on me. Will aim to get it all erased

  23. That is not all the reasons, they close my account and their answers was i begged for bonus in live chat. Is this a reason to do it? This was like 10 years ago and they wont reopen it… can u do anything about it caan? Contact manager or something pls?

  24. Coa I am Italian but I live in London, my account was closed after a telephone verification, I specify that I have a London phone card, I have repeatedly prompted but never had an answer, where did my money go?

  25. Coa I am Italian but I live in London, my account was closed after a telephone verification, I specify that I have a London phone card, I have repeatedly prompted but never had an answer, where did my money go?

  26. Yip had my closed and they have been extremely unhelpful.

    Moved to Australia/NZ and had to open up a new account due to new ID/Bank details.

    Then cleaned things up and closed UK account.

    Months later they said I closed UK account as “self exclusion” which was incorrect and forced closed the overseas account as well.

    Wife opened one from same IP address and they closed it immediately with the “business decision” email

  27. I opened an account for the very first time and got suspended shortly after submitting all the requested ID documents, yet two friends were able to open an account and bet without any prior documentation. They told me I needed to re-send a photo of my banking source, which I did. In fact, I re-sent everything twice. I wrote to them twice and only got an automated response. They never reply. I tried to call the 0844 number from the UK as well as the international number to no avail. It just cuts off. The live Chat does not work. I am at my wits end with this. Any suggestion? I really don't understand why they are suspending me as they wrote that my verification problem could easily be solved.

  28. Hello, great work as normal. Thank you. Interested in your bottle of champagne from Betdaq, how much do you need to put through to get one of these? Understand your a busy guy, but of you can get back to me on this it would be very much appreciated.

  29. Had every other betting account closed or restricted apart from Betfair exchange. They welcome honest liquidity if you win or lose in my experience. 🙂

  30. Got rid of these bunch of crooks 12 years ago. Won 80 quid only to be told i could not have MY MONEY!. The reason was the 80 quid was bigger than the ten quid i had invested and you can't withdraw a larger amount than what you have invested! I know dozens of other people who suffered this rip off by this bunch of clowns. Do yourself a favour…AVOID AT ALL COST.

  31. Hey berry , I don't know if you would have an answer to my question but I would like to ask if you think it's safe to go through exchange agents like ( betinasia , easysportbet or bet-football) to access a betting exchange like orbit exchange or betkeen exchange. I'm living in Canada so I don't have access to betfair so I'm looking a safe alternative…….please help me bro ..thanks

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