The hidden Betfair betting exchange simulator

I saw some rumours today that Betfair was planning a betting exchange simulator in the UK. It reminded me of the fact that one already existed, but people probably never knew about it.

So here is a quick look at this ‘secret’ exchange simulator.

Betting with a sportsbook has always been pretty simple. You place a bet and that’s it. You win or lose, you just can’t choose.

But with a betting exchange you can back, lay, trade, dutch, hedge, there are so many options. But that in itself makes things a little more confusing for your average Joe punter.

So I think an exchange simulator for Betfair would be a good thing. It would give people the chance to play around with the concept without any fear.

Of course, on Bet Angel you have a full practice mode using real live market data, so that’s the best way to get really up to speed if you are serious.

But I thought I would highlight this, if you want to have a play or perhaps demonstrate how you could easily win a few dollars on a US horse race!

Here is the URL: –

If you are interested in a ‘real’ simulation mode with real market data and a realistic fill rate. Check out Bet Angel’s practice mode. View more detail here: –

I also produced a video on why practice mode is different from real trading: –

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  1. Wow, how have I never seen this before?!

    As a keen retro gamer who grew up in the 70s/80s, this was a fun little distraction for a couple of minutes. 🙂

    Great video, Peter, cheers. Your commentary was gold haha.

  2. Ha! The commentators having a run for their money, carry on like this and you surely replace one soon .Betfair spent millions on ads. And forgot to include this gem. I personally prefer BETDAQ ,it’s
    Organic and reactive ,the closest to a real experience just for 1p.

  3. Had no idea this existed, interesting without a doubt. In the US I think the only way to get access to the exchange is in New Jersey unfortunately, also only horse racing is available, around 15k-20k USD gets matched per race (can go higher with no problem tho), if I'm not wrong it offers the same US tracks we can bet on in the Betfair we all use. The fact it is only available in NJ and you can get decent stakes matched is impressive, sadly it will not go further than that but in this moment it is more than enough. Everyone can see the site, it's exactly like the main Betfair with some cuts since it only offers horse racing

  4. In Bet Angel practice mode, does getting bets matched and greening up work the same way as live mode
    Or do they get matched and green up easier because its in practice 🤔

  5. Useful for someone who can’t grasp what an exchange is but useless for trying strategies. That’s the beauty of BetAngel practice mode.

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