Trading on Betfair – Example of scalping using the ladder interface

This video is a detailed look at a simple scalp trade on a UK horse racing market. It includes a description of the settings I am using and each of the functions we have used to perform this scalp.

Link do palpite

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  1. Excellent video, what should i do if 1 of the bets are matched, then the market rapidly moves and the other bet doesnt get matched. What can i do to reduce losses?. Thanks

  2. I just find this whole trading subject extremely hard to make a profit, the general opinion is to enter a stop loss 4 ticks from your entry, more often than not this is  matched before I make any profit, I have traded between the lower end and top end or resistance points yet still the market shoots up and down wildly triggering my stop loss, hats off to anyone who makes money at this.

  3. ..and i really like your videos , very clear as Ray down here said . A question , is there a way o put the bets under the ladder as i keep placing them like we see some videos here om yt but with Geeks toy .. could you post a video about those layouts … thanks , excelent vids BTW .

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